May Blessings Pt. 3


May 12

Max got on the struggle bus in a big way today. I eventually gave up and just went home. Even when he’s difficult, even when he doesn’t sleep– he’s still a huge blessing in my life. Taking care of him is one of the most difficult and most rewarding experiences of my life thus far. And who could deny this cute face.


May 13

I prayed two days in a row! Blessing indeed!Cor 8

May 14

Irissa came to visit us this week and it was wonderful! We chatted, ate delicious food (yeah for new grill and a new blender!), and played with Max. She is wonderful! Blessings to her as she gets ready for grad school in the Fall!


May 15

Kenz’s birthday. El Azteca. Great company. Good conversation. Birthday blessings. Sombreros.


May 16

Ben came to visit! I really like having Ben around. We eat lots of great food and play lots of fun board games. If only I can make him live nearer to Ames we could do this more often! Brother-in-law blessings!


May 17

So, I forgot to unlock the building for work today…Not good. But it did give my co-workers an opportunity to exercise mercy, which they did quite well.  Having co-workers that will be merciful and loving, even when it’s inconvenient, is a blessing.


May 18

Orientated summer peer ministers today. It’s going to be an awesome summer with these folks! Looking forward to all the gifts they have to offer STA throughout the summer. (picture to come later)

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